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Cinematographer . Editor .



I'm a Vancouver based videographer and editor.  I am an adventurer and problem solver at heart and film is my medium. I love projects that communicate the emotion and passion of the subject. To me, this is where film shines and reaches out to connect with its audience. My background is in photography and film was the next natural step to pick up in storytelling where stills could not capture.


Since 2011, I've filmed and edited over 400 projects for companies big and small, local and international. Typical projects range one to two minutes in length but I also have experience working as a DoP on a sixteen minute documentary film titled “Life Cycle Project”.  For editing, I have edited over a hundred Youtube and TV mini stories for CBC Sports including The Road to Olympics (Rio 2016) and various winter sports.  Recently, I was the primary editor for “Building A Snowboarder’s Dream” which was a collaboration between CBC Sports and Red Bull Media House that aired on prime time.  Check out my portfolio to get a sense of my style and give me call if it fits with what you're looking for.


In case you're wondering, everything on the reel was shot and edited by me and I'd love to do the same for you.


I'm available for hire as a Director of Photography, first camera, second camera and editor.

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